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Treatment For Beautiful

Being Beautiful Without Surgery

It can not be denied, everyone wants to always looks young, well recognized openly or no. Nothing to be ashamed to admitted because it is very normal. Naturally when various methods are developed to rejuvenates the skin so looks younger than the really age. Filler is one of its that will be discussed below.At ages ranging aging, the main skin substances (collagen,elastin and hyaluronic acid) began to decrease. The reduction of the substances is the major cause of thinner skin, and the skin become loose (often called sagging skin). One of the most visible signs is laugh lines (curved lines between the tip of the nostrils and the corner of his mouth) that getting in, either when laughter and silence.In this condition, dermal filler is important to restore the skin volume. Dermal filler is one option to rejuvenate the skin, especially for those who still reluctant to do surgery or plastic surgery. The benefit of dermal filler is the process that relatively quickly, the result can be readily seen, and natural look.

What else abnormalities can be corrected by dermal filler?
Many of the abnormalities that can be corrected by improved dermal filler such as smiling lines/nasolabial folds (curved between the nostril and corner of the lips), hypertropic scars, wrinkle silent, for example crease in between 2 eyebrows, sunken scars, back of the hand that is not “full”, marionette/sad lines even lip augmentation (making fuller lips).

How long will the effects dermal filler can last?
The last long effects it is depent on the type of dermal filler. There are two type dermal filler those are permanent and temporary filler. The most widely used is the temporary filler(4-18 months). The temporary type is like double-edged knife. When the results good, it will detrimental because it requires repetition. When results are less satisfactory then the skin will return to its originally in a matter of months.

What should I do if interested?
The first step is consultation with a physician. This allows the physician to evaluate whether you are the appropriate candidate. Filling filler will be done if your doctor consider it is good for you. When the filler not be appropriate, then this meeting is very useful to discuss another alternative.

Am I going to feel pain when the procedure performed?
Before in-filler, will be smeared topical anesthesia in the inoculation area. It takes time 30-60 minutes so the skin becomes numbness to be less of pain.

How long is the filling procedure be done?
It depends on the extent of the area which will be filled, usually ranges from 15-45 minutes. So, Total time required including topical anesthetics is 1-2 hours.

What about the side effects and the safety profile of dermal filler?
Most often it is redness of the injection area, usually disappearing within a few hours up to 2 days. Also could be swelling / bruising. All of those are temporary. Temporary filler is usually more safe because it contains substances normally found in the skin layer, so that degraded / metabolized as normal. In the permanent filler (eg silicon and filler-containing polymethylmethacrylate), the substances are “foreign object”.

Do I still can do my normal activity after dermal filling filler?
Of course, one of the advantage of dermal filler is the immediate results, almost without the down time period, so you can do normal activity immediately .

What if I do not like the result?
When the results are less satisfactory, then the effect will be seen gradually disappeared in accordance with long filler work temporary. The most important to remember is do not overcorrection! That is, the more either filling less rather than redundant. Typically, no touch-up session for the initial filling correction. It is performed 1 week after the initial session generally.

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